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The alliance between E-ONE and Williams Fire and Hazard Control has resulted in the largest arsenal of Industrial Pumpers available on the world market.
The unit depicted in this photograph, is fitted with the Williams "Ambassador" nozzle and monitor system that is capable of discharging up to 22 700l/min at 10bar.

This industrial pumper was recently delivered to Francistown Fire Department and is fitted with the Williams Hydro Chem technology that allows discharging of up to 7 800l/min of foam and water and 22kg a second of DCP, all simultaneously.

Two new Emergency One Scorpion Pumpers were recently delivered to the City of Durban.
The vehicles are fitted with rear mounted Godiva WTA 4010 pumps that are capable of discharging up to 6 000l/m at 10bar and 400l/min at 50bar.

The latest in a long line of E-ONE Industrial Pumper deliveries is this unit that was delivered to National Petroleum Refineries of South Africa.
This unit is fitted with Hydro Chem technology and is mounted on a E-ONE Hurricane custom chassis cab.

Sasol Synfuels' new E-ONE behometh.
Fitted with a 13 800l/min pumping system, this vehicle is equipped and ready to tackle the most daunting of industrial fires.

The Williams Hydro Chem monitor system that is fitted to all E-ONE Industrial Pumpers, offer the capability of discharging water, foam and DCP simultaneously.
Through the Hydro Chem system we are now in a position to discharge DCP up to a distance of 60m without endangering the lives of the fire fighters.

The E-ONE Boom Pumper is fitted with a 15m all aluminium hydraulically operated ladder that is ideal for attending to fires in informal settlements or structural fires that require ventilation.

The 33m E-ONE ladder offers the highest safety factor available on the market. The 33m E-ONE ladder is mounted on a Hurricane chassis cab, is fitted with a 4 700l/min midship pump, carries 1 000l of water, 150l of foam and the cab seats a driver plus six crew members.

This E-ONE Scorpion Pumper was recently delivered to Gabarone Fire Department.
The Scorpion has an all aluminium rescue style body and rear mounted Godiva multi purpose pump that offers both volume and high pressure application.
In this instance the Scorpion was mounted on a Spartan chassis cab with raised roof.

The E-ONE Airtruck is utilized where high volumes of breathing air is required.
The unit is fitted with a PTO operated compressor and cascade system for quick refilling of BA cylinders.

The E-ONE C044 pumper on the Freightliner FL80 chassis cab is the latest in the range of commercial pumps from the E-ONE stable.
The unit is fitted with a double cab, 4 700l/min midship mounted pump with top mount controls, 3 800l water tank, 150l foam tank, hydraulic ladder rack and NFPA approved hose deck.

The P6 ARFF unit is revolutionising the Airport Rescue Fire Fighting market.
The P6 comprises a 12 150l water tank, 1 514l foam tank, 794kw rear mounted engine, Hydro Chem monitor system, 7 950l/min pump package, control tyre inflation system, computer controlled differential lock-up system, controlled lubrication system, multiplex electrical system.

The P6 is fitted with a cab where the driver has a full 80E up and 30E down view of the incident scene.
A forward looking infrared device (FLIR) with a monitor in the cab is provided.

The new E-ONE riot control vehicle.
This unit is protected against AK-47, offers seating for driver plus four members, 4 500l of water, 373kw engine, automatic transmission run flat tyres, 800l foam tank, shooting holes through the cab windows, riffle racks, cab activated power divider to drive the pump and cab activated engine protection system.

The E-ONE Titan P101 that was recently delivered to Matsapa Airport in Swaziland.
The unit is fitted with a polypropylene 3 500l water tank, 750l polypropylene foam tank, both tanks offer life time warranty.
The complete pumping and discharge system is controlled from inside the cab.

The new P5 ARFF vehicle that is en route to Swaziland.
This new generation of ARFF vehicles offers all round independent suspension and a "Rhino" front mounted monitor system.
Due to the independent suspension system the vehicle has a higher payload capacity and offers superior off road performance.

Sappis' new Emergency One C044 pumper vehicle offers mid ship mounted 4 700l/min pump, top mount control panel, 3 800l polypropylene water tank with life time warranty and NFPA compliant hose.
This unit was specifically designed to meet Sappis' stringent requirements.

Francistown Fire Departments new 37m Bronto Skylift hydraulic platform.
The 37m Bronto is fitted with a rescue ladder and cage that has a payload of 400kg.
The unit is capable of flowing 3 800l/min through the cage mounted monitor system and has a 6 000l/min midship mounted pump.
The all alluminium superstructure allows storage of a vast array of fire fighting and rescue equipment.

The preferred chassis cab for the range of Bronto Skylift units that EFA markets, is the Freightliner or Mercedes Benz.
Both options offer single or double cab features, engine sizes up to 330kw, automatic transmission and country wide service facilities.

The all new Ambassador rapid attack unit that was recently delivered to Sasol Polymers.
The vehicle is fitted with the Williams Ambassador monitor system that offers Hydro-Foam and Hydro Chem technology and is capable of of delivering up to 22 000l/min to a distance of 106m.
The unit is fitted with a 750kg DCP system, quick attack Hydro Chem handguns and a 1 000l foam tank.

The Ambassador rapid attack unit was specifically designed and developed to meet the unique requirements of Sasol Polymers.
The nozzle has the capability of a vertical throw up to 80m and is fed by 4x150mm Stortz inlets.
The foam is fed through 3 Williams Jet Ratio Controllers.

The Ambassador is a Hybrid nozzle that has the unique capability to perform as an automatic pressure or ficed gallonage nozzle.
During automatic operation the nozzle unit respond to varying flows to maintain a nearly constant tip pressure.

The E-ONE medium and major pumpers offer the hydraulic ladder rack as an option which allows the fire fighter to remove the ladder at chest height.

The AS Fire and Rescue Beam Gantry allows the ladders to be removed from the ground level.

The "Big foot" is the largest monitor in the world and is manufactured by Williams Fire & Hazard Control in Texas.
The "Big foot" delivers a massive 54 000 liters per minute of water and has Hydro foam capability that allows
Thunderstorm® foam to be inducted at the nozzle.
The "Big foot" was recently delivered to Sasol Synfuels.

The E-ONE C044 pumper on the Freightliner FL80 chassis cab is the latest in the range of commercial pumps from the E-ONE stable.
The unit is fitted with a double cab, 4 700l/min midship mounted pump with top mount controls, 3 800l water tank, 150l foam tank, hydraulic ladder rack and NFPA approved hose deck.

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